Mixed Goulotte Climbing

This is the game of climbing with technical tools and crampons on steep terrain. One of the most complete and challenging forms of climbing with many variables and where skill and experience are a pre-requisite to being safe, efficient and comfortable.

In the steeper section of the Goulotte Frendo-Ravanel, Chamonix

Alpine Mixed and Goulottes

The best time is normally October, March, April, May but there are periods from December to March when we get a good high pressure system over the Alps and the conditions are good.

If you have some experience with classic alpinism and or rock climbing to the French grade 5 you are ready to try some Goulotte style climbing. It also gives you confidence for your classic alpine projects as you learn a lot about dealing with the elements, being organised and efficient, gear placement, moving on snow covered rock and ice.

Some good routes in the Mt. Blanc range:

  • Goulotte Pellisier, Pointe Lachenal
  • Gabbarou-Albinoni, Tacul
  • Supercouloir, Tacul
  • Goulotte Lafaille, Tacul
  • Ice is Nice, Requin area
  • Fil a Plomb, Aiguille du Midi N Face
  • Carli-Chassagne, Aiguille du Midi N Face
  • Pointe de Frebouze N Gully
  • Petit Viking, Pointe du Domino
  • Frendo-Ravanel, Aiguille Carrée
  • Bettembourg, Escarra, Aureille-Feutren, Aiguille de Chardonnet

The guide to client ratio is 1:1 and 1:2 for some shorter routes


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