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Growing up at the foot of the Drakensberg mountains in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa was the start of my fascination with these high places. For years, every week-end and holiday I was up scrambling and exploring these mountains for up to twelve days at a time. After finishing school I travelled to different parts of the world to climb and find out what I could about this life. In 2005 I got to the valley of Chamonix and have been trapped by the joys and challenges of the place ever since. Now, as a mountain guide, I share good days in the hills with clients as well as friends.

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2001: Matric Certificate at Treverton College, Mooi River, South Africa

2010: Aspirant Mountain Guide at the Swiss Mountain Guides Association

2012: UIAGM/IFMGA International Mountain Guide Diploma at the Swiss Mountain Guides Association 

Some of my alpine climbing experience

  • Matterhorn N face, TD, 5.5hrs
  • Couloir Nord des Drus, ED
  • Mont Blanc via Pilier Rouge de Brouillard, Bonatti Route, Mt. Blanc, TD
  • Innominata Ridge, Mt. Blanc, D
  • Traverse of Les Aiguilles du Diables, Mt. Blanc, D+, lift to lift
  • Integrale de Peuterey Ridge, Mt. Blanc TD+
  • Desecures-Robach, north face of the Grandes Jorrasses, ED
  • Ginat, Les Droites north face, TD, 4.5hrs
  • Late to Say I’m Sorry, Grande Rocheuse north face, ED
  • Vivagel, Grande Rocheuse north face, TD
  • Salbitschijen, West Ridge, TD+
  • The Shroud/Linceul to Pt. Walker on Grandes Jorrasses north face, TD
  • Direct American on the Dru, ED
  • Cordier Pillar, Grand Charmoz, TD-
  • Central Pillar of the Freney, Mt. Blanc, TD+
  • Anouk-Contamine, W face of Petit Jorrasses, TD+
  • Grand Capucin, Direct du Capucin with Bonatti finish, ED
  • Piz Badile, Cassin Route, TD
  • Cohen-Collister English route on Nant-Blanc face of l’Aiguille Verte, TD+
  • Cechinel-Nominé route, N face of Grand Pilier d’Angle, Mt. Blanc, TD+
  • Traverse Rochefort-Grandes Jorrasses, D
  • Gervasutti Pillar, Mt. Blanc du Tacul TD
  • Supercouloir, Mt. Blanc du Tacul (with rappels) TD+
  • Ice is Nice, Col du Requin area, TD
  • Sorensen-Eastman, Col du requin area, TD+
  • Swiss Route, Les Courtes, TD-
  • Grand Montets Ridge, Aiguille Verte, D
  • Mer de Glace face, Grepon, D+, 4.5hrs
  • Arete Kuffner, Mt. Maudit, D
  • Lagarde Direct, Les Droites N face, TD


  • Many 4000m peaks of the Alps
  • Some steep faces and couloirs: Grand Casse N face, Barbey Couloir, Couloir du Capucins, Col des Cristaux, SE couloir Chardonnet, Buet NE face
  • A number of summits and couloirs in the Lyngen Alps of Norway.

Rock Climbing

  • Many long and short, trad and sport climbs in the Alps, Southern France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Norway, Sweden and Morocco.


  • Cogne, Chamonix and Kandersteg: eg: Lau Bij, Stella Artice, Repentance Super, Rattenpissoir, Desperados, Cascade Difficile Trient

High Summits and Trekking


  • Illimani 6438m, Cordillera Real, Bolivia
  • Huayna Potosi 6088m, Cordillera Real, Bolivia
  • Tour of Huayuhash range, Peru


  • Annapurna tour and Sanctuary trek
  • Mera Peak 6476m (without summit, 6200+- attained) with traverse of Amphu Lapcha


  • Traverse of Drakensberg range, South Africa, average altitude of 3000m, 270km, 12 days